Saturday, August 30, 2008

20,000 marijuana plants seized in Klickitat County

Authorities have reported the seizure of 20,000 mature marijuana plants in Klickitat County.


Authorities have reported the seizure of 20,000 mature marijuana plants in Klickitat County.

Sheriff's deputies also say four armed people were arrested Wednesday and Thursday and are now in federal custody.

Deputies say 15,000 pot plants were found and two people were arrested Thursday on public land about eight miles north of White Salmon.

Two arrests also were made Wednesday as 5,000 marijuana plants were removed from rangeland about 10 miles east of Goldendale.

Also participating in the raids were the Drug Enforcement Administration and Washington State Patrol.


Information from: Yakima Herald-Republic,

Friday, August 29, 2008

Man dies after being pushed from car; Shoreline resident arrested

Seattle police have arrested a 27-year-old Shoreline man for investigation of homicide after he reportedly pushed a man out of a vehicle in South Seattle on Thursday morning.

By Jennifer Sullivan

Seattle Times staff reporter

Seattle police have arrested a 27-year-old Shoreline man in the investigation of a homicide after he reportedly pushed a man out of a vehicle in South Seattle on Thursday morning.

Police initially looked at the case as possibly being a medically related death after finding the victim, who had some type of medical equipment attached to his body. But around 9 p.m. Thursday, homicide investigators arrested the Shoreline man outside of Seattle, said police spokeswoman ReneƩ Witt.

"It's not a random situation. These two gentlemen were acquaintances," Witt said.

Witt declined to say how officers found the suspect or what linked him to the case.

Officers were called to Ninth Avenue South and South Dakota Street at 7:30 a.m. Thursday after a witness reported seeing someone push the a person with a belt around his neck from a 2005 Kia Rio. The 61-year-old victim was dead when police arrived. The victim appeared to have been dead for a while, police said.

The driver was last seen traveling south on Airport Way South, Witt said.

The man arrested has no prior felony history in Washington state.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Body dumped from car; police investigating


Seattle police are investigating a body that was pushed from a car at Ninth Avenue South and South Dakota Street early Thursday.

A witness around 7:30 a.m. saw a black or dark colored Kia drive into the area and dump the body then drive away. A witness tried to follow the car but lost sight of it on Airport Way, police said.

Police spokesman Renee Witt said the victim, a male of unknown age, did not move or breathe and is believed to have already been dead when pushed from the car.

Police have cordoned off the area, located just west of Interstate 5, and are searching for the car, a 2005 Kia Rio, Washington license 549-UXG.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Border agents arrest Federal Way fugitive


U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested a Federal Way fugitive Monday at the Peace Arch border crossing who is wanted by King County for failure to appear in court on a narcotics violation.

Officers turned Daniel Hildreth, 47, over to Whatcom County Sheriff's deputies after a digital name check revealed a warrant in the FBI's National Criminal Information Center database.

"The arrest of fugitives attempting to re-enter the US through our ports of entry is a critical element of our border security mission", said Service Port Director Margaret Fearon "and represents CBP's commitment to protect our local communities."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Patrol car windshield shattered at Shelton

Juveniles accused of shattering the windshield on a Washington State Patrol car under a Shelton overpass told police they thought it would be funny to see a car get hit with a rock.


Juveniles accused of shattering the windshield on a Washington State Patrol car under a Shelton overpass told police they thought it would be funny to see a car get hit with a rock.

They didn't realize the car that was hit early Monday on Highway 101 was a patrol car.

The patrol says the trooper was not injured. He was able describe a car on the overpass to dispatchers. Police found it and arrested a 22-year-old Shelton man and two 14-year-olds from Shelton.

The man was booked into the Mason County Jail for investigation of charges that including furnishing liquor to a minor. The teens were booked into juvenile detention for consumption of alcohol, malicious mischief and reckless endangerment.

Thieves get away with five purebred puppies


DES MOINES, Wash. – Dognappers stole an entire litter of purebred miniature Australian shepherd puppies from a Des Moines dog breeder.

Sue McCullough tears up when she looks at the puppies' empty kennel.

It didn't take her long to gather evidence Saturday morning.

"I'm assuming they moved the barrel under the window," she said. "Someone was standing on here as they passed the puppies out the window, out to someone out here, then over the fence."

She pointed to a newly made trail over the fence, into her neighbor's empty yard where she believes the thieves escaped with the dogs.

"They were part of the family and we wanted them to go to good homes. Now we don't know where they are," she said.

Bu McCullough believes she knows who took the five 10-week-old puppies: Two men who came to her certified Des Moines kennel the night before to look at the dogs.

She said the men looked around the property and didn't seem to know much about miniature Australian shepherds. They said they'd call back.

They never did call back, but the puppies disappeared.

McCullough never got their names or any identifying information, such as type of car or license plate number.

She urges others to be more careful as she hopes for the safety of the puppies.

The dogs are worth about $600 each.

The Des Moines Police are investigating.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Red light cameras come to Federal Way


FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - A crackdown on red light runners begins this morning in Federal Way.

The city's new red light camera program aims to cut down on red light accidents at two of the city's busiest intersections: 320th and Pacific Hwy South and 348th and Enchanted Parkway.

"The risk is so great people are injured in such a staggering number across the country that we want people to know primarily that you're not going to get away with it anymore when you run the red light," said Stan McCall, Federal Way Police.

The casualties are not something to ignore. Statistics show that more than 800 people die each year due to red light runners, another 175,000 are injured nationwide, according to the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running.

"Our officers can't be 24 hours a day in every single location," said Jeanne Burbidge, Federal Way City Councilmember.

None of the statistics take into account property damage, medical treatment and productivity losses.

Now Federal Way follows more than a dozen Puget Sound communities by placing cameras at South 320th Street at Pacific Highway South and South 348th Street at Enchanted Parkway.

"I see people all the time going through at the last second and, you know, that's when accidents happen," said Federal Way driver, Kay Jones.

Gary Poelstra, visiting Federal Way, got a ticket in the past.

"I'm telling you it made me far more alert from then on," he said.

The fine is $124, but Monday marks the beginning of a 30-day grace period, which runs through Sept.24. Starting Sept. 25, registered owners of the vehicles will get the actual ticket, which includes a photograph of their license plate and an online link to a video of their car going through the light.

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