Friday, February 3, 2012

Marijuana Proponents Bet on Changing Demographics for Legalization

The Chicago Tribune examines the efforts behind Washington's movement to legalize marijuana (as well as Colorado's) and the chance it has to become law.

An October Gallup Poll places the number of Americans who support legalization at 50 percent, a record high, and among adults 18 to 29 support rises to 62 percent. Those speaking for legalization include Seattle's City Attorney, Peter Holmes.

Holmes said, "Right now in Seattle, we're feeling that it's a bit unfair that we are being tolerant of medical marijuana users, when other localities are not, because we tend to become suppliers for the whole state rather than our own citizens."

If Washington legalizes pot, sales would be restricted to those aged 21 or older. Stores that sell the drug would be controlled by the state's Liquor Control Board and laws regarding intoxicated driving would include provisions for maximum blood levels of THC.