Saturday, March 1, 2008

Three more suspects wanted in North Kitsap burglaries


KINGSTON, Wash. – Kitsap County Sheriff's Department officers continue with their investigation into the property crimes that have victimized residents of all communities within North Kitsap.

Detectives arrested another suspect this week, making it half a dozen already captured and charged in the theft of a quarter of a million dollars in property.

Shawn M. Jessep II of Silverdale, 19, is the most recent person charged in connection with these crimes.

New names and faces were released Friday by detectives trying to hunt down three more fugitives linked to the crimes:

Christopher Ryan Berg is 23 and from Poulsbo is wanted for trafficking stolen property.

Jacob Lewis Dubek, 23 and from Poulsbo is a parolee wanted for running from police and violating his parole.

Donald Lloyd Pugh of South Kitsap, 44, is wanted on three counts of burglary and one of trafficking.

The Kitsap County Sheriff's Department says all three were part of the ring targeting Kitsap Sun subscribers who went on vacation. They were targeted because their deliveryman who was given instructions to hold their papers was in on the crimes.

Detectives have finished photographing, compiling and cataloging all the stolen property items that have so far been recovered.

Starting Monday in Port Orchard, and Tuesday in Kingston, victims can go to the sheriff's office to view the catalogue of those stolen items. Victims will need a police report and an appointment to view it and retrieve their stolen goods.

Detectives say the theft ring traded the stolen property for drugs, and it apparently was the drug dealers who turned on the crooks, cracking the case.

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