Monday, June 9, 2008

Jail staff raising the alarm on proposed budget cuts


The King County Corrections Guild is taking to the air to fight proposed budget cuts that would affect county jail facilities.

Beginning Monday, 60-second radio ads paid for by the guild began to play on several Seattle-area stations, urging listeners to contact the King County Council and Executive Ron Sims to oppose cuts that are being made to balance a budget shortfall. The county is facing a $68 million deficit.

Sims is proposing $33.3 million in cuts to criminal justice agencies alone, including the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention. Under the proposal, staff will likely be trimmed from Jail Health Services and alternative detention programs will be reduced.

The cuts could also force the King County Sheriff's Office to lay off 75 deputies and reduce the number of property crimes prosecuted in the courts. Sims must have a budget proposal ready for the County Council by this fall.

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