Monday, July 21, 2008

Soccer mom accused of stealing from Pierce Co. league


EDGEWOOD, Wash. - A soccer mom has been charged with stealing from her local youth soccer league.

According to court documents, besides being a mother and a former soccer coach, 42-year-old Deborah Angilley was the treasurer of the Fife-Milton-Edgewood Soccer Club. She's now accused of embezzling $72,000 from the league.

The documents say officials at Timberland Bank began investigating Angilley last fall after noticing some suspicious activity on soccer club's account.

A Pierce County Deputy who handled the case claims Angilley was writing checks to herself. She allegedly used funds at the Emerald Queen Casino where she was one of the casino's so-called "preferred players."

And investigators say she wrote checks to her 16-year-old son and landlord.

"If anybody got this cash knowing where it came from and helped cash the checks and spent the money knowing that it came from this account, and that it was not right, he could be held liable or as an accessory," said Det. Ed Troyer, Pierce Co. Sheriff's Office.

Angilley moved from the South Sound area last fall and now lives in Wenatchee.

The president of the league tells KING5 News dealing with the loss has been "difficult at best." The $72,000 taken is more than the league typically brings in each year.

“The club almost folded due to this theft, but has stayed in existence only through the generosity of those that have loaned us about $40,000,” League president Jeff Flesner said in a victim impact statement filed with Pierce County Superior Court.

Flesner says the loans cover this year's soccer games, camps and tournaments but it hasn't been easy. He says the league has now taken steps to prevent future treasurers from having that much unchecked access to the league's account.

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