Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another robbery at bikini barista stand


TACOMA, Wash. - Bikini barista Kylie Ross said the moment the new customer drove up, she had a gut feeling something wasn't right about him.

“I noticed when I was trying to make small talk that he kept his arm up against his head so the cameras couldn't see him,” she said.

She made his drink anyway, and that's when it happened.

“He just pulled out a gun and opened his car door and leaned in our window and screamed give me all of the money all of the money,” said Ross.

Surveillance video captured the customer grabbing the cash and speeding away, but not before the video camera - and Ross - focused in on some identifying marks.

“His head was shaved bald and he had tattoos all over. It kind of scared me already so it kind of scared me already and he had a teardrop,” she said.

This is not the first time Ross has been in some scary situations. an hour before, she called police after a man exposed himself, and just a few months Ago was the boiling water incident.

“Poured boiling water on a man who was fully exposed also,” she said.

And there's more. Last week, surveillance video captured someone broke into the Java Girls stand stealing money and other items.

Espresso stands are becoming easy targets. Authorities in South King County are investigating a string of robberies at local stands.

But that's not deterring Ross.

“It happens everywhere so I don’t’ think it’s because of the job. I think it’s because we're an easy target,” she said.

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