Saturday, March 21, 2009

City settles judge sex case


News has uncovered a former worker at the City’s Municipal Courthouse will get $135,000 to settle a sexual harassment claim – half paid by taxpayers, half by Judge Ron Mamiya.

The ex-staff member is not identified in pages of documents, e-mails and other materials KING obtained under the state’s public disclosure act.

The allegations stem from an apparently consensual sexual relationship the two had last year. The woman, a single mother of two, says Judge Mamiya continued to make unwanted advances after the pair had agreed to keep things strictly professional.

In a sworn statement, the woman says that decision came after Mamiya told her he had confessed to his wife about their affair. She claims Mamiya, who has been a municipal court judge since 1981, caused her undue stress, which ultimately led to her resignation.

A gag order prohibits the parties to discuss the specifics of the case. Both the woman’s lawyer and the City Attorney’s office refused to comment on the settlement.

Judge Mamiya did release a statement: "I want to acknowledge my horrible lapse in judgment. I have no excuse for my role in this incident and my actions have hurt many people important to me, including my wife, family and my community. I take full responsibility for my behavior."

The Court told us the judge remains a sitting member of the Municipal Court Bench.

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