Monday, July 6, 2009

Officer dragged 50 feet by fleeing car


A police officer was dragged about 50 feet through a parking lot early Saturday when a car suddenly took off in reverse as the officer was trying to prevent the driver from escaping.

The incident took place just before 2 a.m. when the officer spotted the suspect driving recklessly through downtown in a blue Honda.

The officer pulled over the driver, who steered his car into a parking lot near First Avenue and Lenora Street.

As the officer got out to make contact with the driver, the Honda suddenly sped by the officer toward the parking lot's only exit, but the driver was blocked in by another patrol car.

The officer ran up and grabbed the driver to prevent his escape, but the driver suddenly reversed the car, dragging the officer about 50 feet.

The Honda struck a parked car, enabling the officer to disengage from the vehicle. The suspect then drove past the other patrol vehicle and fled the scene.

The suspect is still at large, and an investigation continues.

The officer was taken to an area hospital for an exam. He was sent home, suffering back pains.

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