Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poker players fight state's online gambling law


OLYMPIA -- Online poker players plan to rally on the steps of the state Supreme Court Thursday afternoon to protest the law that makes on-line gambling a felony.

Inside, the director of the state's Poker Players Alliance is making his case before the Supreme Court. They're fighting the 2006 state law that makes online poker players felons. Opponents of the law say it makes no sense because it's legal in any poker room across the state, but not online.

What's worse, they say, is it puts online poker plays in the same category as those caught with child porn, or heroin.

"I'm completely appalled," said Lee Rousso, Poker Players Alliance Washington state director. "Of course, I mean, we're regular, salt of the earth citizens we just happen to like to play America's favorite game in the privacy of our own homes and we should be able to do that."

Those rallying on the steps say they should have the freedom to spend their money how they want.

"Everybody in America should have the choice of where to spend their money," said Tom Myers. "That's why we're in America - the reason why I want that choice is because if I want to sit on my couch and spend $100, I should have that right, it's my $100."

It will take the state Supreme Court anywhere from 6-9 months to hand down a ruling, but Rousso says the losing side will likely appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court because he thinks it's a cutting edge issue across the country.

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