Thursday, February 9, 2012

After a Long String of Legal Persecution, Guy Casey Calls it Quits for Dispensaries

The Seattle Weekly profiles a medical marijuana dispensary co-owner walking away from his business because of constant harassment by law enforcement.

 The woes of Guy Casey, former co-owner of Tacoma's North End Club 420, began with a raid by WestNet, a federally funded anti-drug task force.

WestNet's tactics have been criticized as heavy handed — in Casey's case, the cops handcuffed his 14 year old son and confiscated the cash from his 9 year old daughter's Mickey Mouse purse, then seized 10 pounds of marijuana for his dispensary. Distribution charges were ultimately dropped, but the pot was not returned to the dispensary.

North End Club 420 was later raided by federal agents. Ultimately, Casey said, "I don't need any felonies." However, Casey plans on opening a collective garden, a legal co-op that allows 10 members to grow their marijuana together.

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