Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance Seeks Tighter Regulation of Medical Pot Industry

Though the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance only lists 13 collectives as members of its organization, it's become one of the leading voices for pot shops in the city.

When the city council meets about anything related to their interests, the GLACA is there. Recently, with U.S. Attorneys threatening action against local landowners and local governments that support medical marijuana, the city council's stance on the issue is to shut all the establishments down. In response, the GLACA has proposed tight regulations on the medical marijuana dispensary community with a government enforcement arm to back it up, the L.A. Weekly reports.

While the GLACA's stance on the issue seems contradictory to their mission, when examined closer it reveals perhaps the only way to save safe and legal access in L.A. The organization is currently seeking signatures to place its proposal on the ballot.

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