Wednesday, March 28, 2012

San Francisco Moves to Outlaw Medical Pot Dispensaries

Though San Francisco's known for being a tolerant sort of town, recent moves by its district attorney, George Gascón, points to a citywide crackdown on its dispensaries.

 A woman making a delivery for a collective and the buyer were arrested and charged by the DA. Both were patients of the collective and the woman was working on its behalf at the time of the arrest.

 “While California’s medical marijuana laws may be complex, the law is clear that all sales of medical marijuana are illegal,” The San Francisco Examiner quotes Gascón as writing. “The ... shell game that continues to be played with medical marijuana immunities does not change that conclusion.

Gascón takes the position that all patients of a collective must have an active role in the cultivation of its marijuana. However, the DA's office later stated that its position was originally taken by Kamala Harris, who is now California's Attorney General.

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