Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Tale of Two States: While Pro-Pot Initiative to Hit Washington's Ballot, California Legalization Efforts in Disarray

In contrast to Washington state's well-organized initiative to legalize pot, California's efforts are split between four potential proposals.

 Pro-pot groups in the Golden State felt emboldened by the 42 percent of voters who supported legalization the last time it was on the ballot in 2010.

However, their efforts have split into four factions, whose stand on the issue range from codifying and setting up an enforcement agency for existing medical marijuana laws to outright legalization of cannabis for recreational use.

 Less than 10 percent of the medical marijuana industry is contributing to the causes, the Los Angeles Times reports. Speculation for the reasons behind the lack of support include apathy, the fear of more competition with downward pressure on prices and ongoing federal raids against the businesses.

 Monied backers who supported California's legalization efforts are also less likely to back the new efforts. Instead, they're more likely to put their cash behind the initiative in Washington because its already been OK'd to appear on the state's ballot.

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