Wednesday, April 25, 2012

California State Senator Moves to Protect Collectives, Dispensaries from Federal Prosecution

A California senator is proposing legislation to shield medical marijuana collectives and dispensaries from federal prosecution.

California law currently protects primary caregivers — those who grow, buy or distribute marijuana for medical use — from federal charges. However, Marin County Senator Mark Leno is proposing that protection extend to collectives, dispensaries, storefronts and delivery services, NPR affiliate KPCC reports.

Los Angeles State Senator Curren Price of Los Angeles and Senator Ron Calderon of Montebello both voted for Leno's measure.

 The bill comes at a time when U.S. Attorneys around the country are bringing charges against businesses involved in medical marijuana in states where it's legal. California Attorney General Kamala Harris has also asked the state legislature to clarify the state law regarding medical marijuana.

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