Friday, April 20, 2012

University of Colorado Attempts to End 4/20 Tradition

University of Colorado at Boulder officials are looking to snuff out 4/20 festivities.

But it's not because of the annual celebration is an unofficial holiday for all things and anything that has to do with marijuana — it's because too many people show up to celebrate. Most of the attendees are not students, staff or faculty.

“It’s a traffic nightmare. It’s sometimes 10,000 people here in the heart of the campus,” Ryan Huff with the CU-Boulder Police Department told Boulder's CBS affiliate.

The university will spread fish fertilizer on the lawn the tokers congregate on, hoping the nauseating smell will keep the party goers away.  However similar tactics the school's tried in the past — fences and sprinklers, among others — have all failed to work.

But even if the fertilizer does keep people away, it just means 4/20 goes somewhere else.

“I feel like it’s just going to move off campus… there are lots of parks around,” student Melissa Collins said.

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