Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vallejo Discusses Dispensaries and Business Taxes

Bucking the trend of cities sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to collectives and dispensaries, the Vallejo City Council is ready to discuss the legality of taxing medical marijuana revenues.

 The Vallejo Times-Herald reports the discussions were spurred by the city's moratorium on issuing business certificates for new collectives.

Confusion over the collecting business taxes, as they are written in the Bay Area city's laws, and a crackdown on the dispensaries by the local police added the impetus to address revenues collected from the businesses.

 The city's attorney, Fred Soley, wrote that collection of medical marijuana business taxes would not be self-incriminating.

 While collectives that do not pay their business taxes will be shut down, paying the tax brings the dispensaries into the fold of legitimate enterprises. Let's also hope that Vallejo also restores licensing new medical marijuana establishments.

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