Monday, August 20, 2012

Los Angeles Dispensaries File Lawsuit to Remain Open

As expected, dispensaries in the Los Angeles area sued to stop the City Council from closing their doors.

Medical marijuana trade group Patient Care Alliance filed a lawsuit against the city on the grounds that it violates the constitutional right to assembly. Under a law passed last month by the City Council, storefront dispensaries will be closed by Sept. 6. Groups of three or fewer patients will be allowed to grow and cultivate their plants. (In spite on the ban, the City Council confusingly passed an additional measure that instructs city staff to keep 180 dispensaries open.)

Marc O'Hara, an attorney for the Alliance, told Pasadena public radio affiliate KPCC, "There may be a misconception among people, maybe from the '60s, that you throw marijuana seeds in the backyard and then there’s all the marijuana. I think there’s a big difference between medical cannabis and backyard homegrown weed."

He also described the ordinance as "heartless," according to the L.A. Times.

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