Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sensible Washington Proposes Alternative Legalization to I-502

Pro-pot group Sensible Washington seeks to file an initiative to repeal pot prohibition in the state. Though it sounds like I-502, Sensible Washington hopes to address its shortcomings voiced by other pro-pot groups.

The group's initiative repeals the civil and criminal penalties for adult who posses and use cannabis and removes the drug from Washington's list of controlled substances. It would not change the legal penalties for minors or driving while under the influence.

"Initiative 502 has caused a massive rift in the cannabis reform community and we want to give people a viable alternative," the group told

If I-502 fails, Sensible Washington says their initiative will offer another option for the statewide legalization of cannabis. But even if I-502 passes, Sensible Washington's proposal addresses taking marijuana off the state's Schedule I controlled substances list.

Sensible Washington plans to file the initiative in January 2013. The group will have until July to collect the necessary signatures to appear on the general election ballot in November.

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grahamdefense said...

I hear a lot of bloggers and advocates bashing 502, but when I actually talk to my clients out there, it seems like none of the actual voters are getting the message that 502 could be bad.