Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shortcomings of Washington's I-502 in the National Spotlight

NPR's All Things Considered profiled the three states considering marijuana legalization, and put the unique problems of Washington's Initiative 502 in the national spotlight.

While the criticisms of the I-502 are well known to marijuana advocates on both sides of the intuitive in the states, it's one of the few times that its strange politics have been brought to a national audience.

On one side, Alison Holcomb, a criminal defense attorney and pro-I-502 organizer, is quoted as saying, "We've reached a place in our society, nationwide, where now a majority support marijuana legalization."

However it's the dissenting voices, particularly in the medical marijuana community, that may be a surprise to those outside of the state and those who aren't acquainted with the initiative. Steve Sarich, a dispensary owner, brings up the biggest sticking point of those who are against I-502 — the low THC threshold that would make almost all medical marijuana users guilty of driving under the influence, even when they're not.

Sarich is sure the push for legalization is an attempt by law enforcement to intimidate medical marijuana users with the THC threshold.

 "All they have to do is sit a half a block down the street and wait for me to pull away from the curb, and I'm going to jail for [a DUI]," he said.

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