Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Marijuana Majority

Conor Friedersdorf, a writer for The Atlantic, penned an article about the growing acceptance of marijuana and the growing call for reforming drug laws that are falling on the deaf ears of politicians

Citing the legalization referendums in Washington state, Colorado and Oregon as well as two additional states voting on allowing medical cannabis, the article ("The End of Laughing at Marijuana Reformers") also notes that according to a Gallup poll a majority of Americans support legalization for the first time.

Most telling of all are supports who come from literally every political stripe and background. Comedian and Daily Show host Jon Stewart, actors Morgan Freeman and David Duchovny are on board for legalization, but so are ultraconservative pundits Glenn Beck and Bill O'Rielly, televangelist Pat Robertson and David Koch, the money man behind many Republican candidates.

Though the political process is accepted to be slow when it comes to change, there continues to be no movement in at least acknowledging marijuana reform — even with all the support it has from liberals and conservatives. The article poses a puzzling question in that while Bill Clinton admitted to smoking but not inhaling, and Barak Obama admits to smoking and inhaling, both have so far continued the "war on drugs."

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