Wednesday, December 26, 2012

City of Oakland: 'There is No Science' When it Comes to the Feds and Medical Pot

In an effort to stop the federal government from closing the Harborside Health Center medical marijuana dispensary, the city of Oakland stated that "In the (federal) government's world, there is no science," during a lawsuit Reuters reports.

Harborside, which claims to be the biggest medical pot dispensary in the world, is estimated to generate about $1.4 million in sales tax revenues for the city this year. Though the federal government attempted to seize the dispensary's assets in July, Oakland took the government to court in October to stop the proceedings.

Cedric Chao, who represents Oakland, stated the government's own researchers discover new medical uses for pot and "sought exclusive ownership rights to cannabis compounds."

The federal government asserts federal law trumps state laws and municipal laws which allows medical marijuana, of course. This is despite the numerous states that have OK'd pot for medical use and that Washington state and Colorado approved of its recreational use.

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