Friday, January 25, 2013

Medical Marijuana Group Teams Up with Herbal Products Association to Expand Lobbying Efforts

The American Herbal Products Association, founded 32 years ago to represent botanical medicine companies, is now allied with Americans for Safe Access and will provide recommendations to states interested in regulating medical marijuana.

More importantly, the AHPA, which has spent more than $2 million for lobbying since 1998, will open new doors for the ASA's efforts to reach out to those in power. The partnership will also help medical marijuana advocates to advance the cause of cannabis as a medicine — despite, most recently, a court decision that refuses to reclassify the drug.

Michael McGuffin, American Herbal Products Association president, stated to The Huffington Post: "The AHPA Cannabis Committee includes in its charter a responsibility to develop policy recommendations that support safe use of products derived from cannabis species. This initial work should be well received by state regulators, who share our commitment to ensuring safe access to medical marijuana for their citizens."

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