Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hawaii State Senate Makes Moves to Decriminalize Pot for Personal Use — But will Fine Users with $1,000 Civil Penalty

Hawaii may be joining the ranks of Washington and Colorado in the decriminalization of cannabis, with its state senate unanimously approving a bill to allow personal possession if up to an ounce.

However, it's not entirely clear toking for those looking to get a little Maui in your wowie — the bill would fine those caught with pot for personal use $1,000. The fine would be a civil, not criminal, penalty, reports Honolulu TV station KITV.

 The rationale of the bill is that it would relieve the state's courts of their backlog of marijuana cases, while emphasizing that possession is still a crime. Despite the message the senate wants to send, law enforcement is against the bill and believes it will make enforcement more difficult.

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