Thursday, May 16, 2013

Seattle City Council Considers New Zoning Laws for Marijuana Operations

Members of the Seattle city council have recently proposed a string of zoning ordinance changes that would hopefully lay the groundwork for how commercial marijuana operations will work in the future. While the city council sees these zoning proposals as positive progress, pot advocates warn that the plan could hurt the economy and send jobs outside of Seattle.

Marijuana lobbyist Phillip Dawdy warns that the city council needs to leave more than 10,000 square feet or people will just go outside of Seattle. This would lead to a loss of hundreds of jobs and the tax revenue that follows.

Seattle city council members want to restrict the pot industry from encroaching on the city's historic districts off limits to the pot industry. In addition, they want to keep a 1,000 foot buffer between pot stores and schools, parks, neighborhoods, libraries, and daycare centers.

Pot advocates believe, however, that the city council shouldn't be wasting their time rewriting zoning laws. Instead, they hoped that the city's leaders would be reaching out to the federal government who continues to threaten medical marijuana businesses in Seattle.

"Informing them that Seattle citizens are tired of these ridiculous laws, and as a city council, you don't want to see legal businesses within the city of Seattle to be underneath threat by the federal government."
                             --Jared Smith, the Responsible Marijuana Project

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