Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Washington State Braces for Possible Federal Lawsuit

It has been six months since Attorney General Eric Holder told us that the Justice Department's response to Colorado and Washington's legalization of marijuana was coming soon.  No word has been received yet, so the State of Washington is preparing for the worst-case scenario: a federal lawsuit.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson has said that they are preparing for a federal lawsuit while at the same time moving forward with implementing the new legalized marijuana law. The regulatory framework is being finalized and should be finished by the end of the year. Rules are being worked out and everyone has been hard at work determining when and how to issue licenses to growers, distributors, and sellers.

The police in Seattle even got in on the mix when they handed out bags of Doritos to thousands of citizens who attended Hempfest this past weekend.

"We have a legal team, and I've asked them to prepare for a worst-case scenario, which would be a lawsuit. Again, we want to avoid that. I communicated that to Eric Holder earlier in the year, but we want to prepare for whatever eventuality may come along."
                                    ---Bob Ferguson, Washington Attorney General

Until the federal government responds to Washington's legalized marijuana law, the state will continue moving forward to uphold the will of the voters. Will Washington D.C. respect states' rights to legalize marijuana or will they dig their heels in and continue to fight? While no one knows for sure—we'll be prepared just in case. 

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