Saturday, October 12, 2013

Medical Marijuana Farmer's Market Opens in Seattle

A medical marijuana farmer’s market recently opened in Seattle where vendors can sell everything from lotions and creams to candy and dried buds. However, the new market was also a venue for a debate over marijuana rights, and director of the World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market, Jeremy Miller said he and market co-founder, Kristin Miller, are ready for a fight.

“It’s so important for everybody that actually values medical cannabis to defend their medical cannabis rights,” he said. State and local leaders are negotiating details on recreational pot regulations, including the number of stores allowed and added costs, and Miller is afraid medical marijuana will be the next target. He is concerned for the patients.

As shoppers visited the market, Miller and others started collecting video testimonials from patients, to support his effort to push for different laws for medical marijuana. Miller believes that medical marijuana use should be overseen by the state’s health department, not the liquor board, and plans to lobby in Olympia next year for the cause.

Patients at the market support Miller’s efforts. Mae Tang, one of the patients interviewed said that all of her pain and symptoms associated with a badly sprained ankle just disappeared with marijuana.  The market also has a program that helps fight for those behind bars on federal marijuana charges by raising money through raffles.

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