Thursday, January 24, 2008

Outrage in the courtroom as Skyway shooter is freed staff

SEATTLE - The man who shot and killed three people and wounded three others in an infamous Skyway shootout is a free man tonight.

As part of a plea deal, Dimitri Sicorchuk, 24, was sentenced to 24 months in jail, a sentence he has already completed while awaiting trial.

That has some family members of victims outraged.

Moments after the sentencing, an angry mob approached the prosecutor.

"You should of tried harder," said Don Raz. "We have community members in our community who have been deported to Cambodia for crimes less heinous than this."

Prosecutors say Sicorchuk admits to opening fire during a scuffle at Skyway Bowl on June 20, 2006. One of his best friends was among the dead.

Sicorchuk and his lawyer argued that the shootings were done in self defense. But after two juries couldn't agree on whether he acted in self defense, a plea deal was reached.

The Sun family of West Seattle is outraged. Their loved one, 20-year-old Sophea, was killed in the shooting.

"It broke my heart because my son so young," said Savoeun Keo, Sophea's mother. "It's not fair."

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