Sunday, January 20, 2008

Routine arrest in Lynnwood area ends with car chase, shot fired


LYNNWOOD, Wash. - Snohomish County Sheriff's deputies were getting ready to arrest a man on outstanding felony warrants at an apartment in the Lynnwood area Saturday night when the man took off.

Police say as they were moving in, the 24-year old man, along with a 20-year old woman, jumped into a stolen SUV and drove off, leading deputies on a short car chase.

Before long, the couple drove themselves into a road block.

"The suspects ended up on a dead-end road. The male suspect, who was driving the stolen car, backed the car into a deputy's car. Another deputy at the scene got out of his patrol vehicle and a fired a shot," said Sgt. Jerry Strieck.

The Everett Police Dept. is handling the investigation involving Snohomish County deputies. They say only one shot was fired, and that was by one of the deputies.

Somehow, the bullet shattered the window of an unmarked deputy's car, which was responding to the call. It's not clear how that happened.

Police say the suspect did not fire a weapon.

Both the man and woman were arrested.

The male suspect faces the original charges on those warrants that were issued against him, plus new felony charges, including running from police, and ramming his vehicle into a police car.

The deputy, who has been with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office for five years, is now on paid administrative leave, a routine procedure in this type of situation.

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