Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Colorado Medical Access Group Attempts to Add Marijuana for Treating Vets' PTSD

Denver medical marijuana advocates are taking up the cause for the use of pot in the treatment of post-traumatic stress syndrome — again, according to the Denver Westword. Though Colorado has a medical marijuana law in place, it does not recognize its use in treating PTSD.

Though the face of the initiative, Kevin Grimsinger, was found to have lied about his military service and the cause of the amputations of his legs in 2010, Sensible Colorado is revisiting the issue with three vetted vets. Joseph Hatcher, a former Army scout with a cavalry unit, retired Air Force major Robert Wiley and Wanda James, a retired Navy lieutenant.

Sensible Colorado's Executive Director, Brian Vicente, said of Hatcher: "He's going to be talking about his experiences there, and the resulting PTSD that he and fellow veterans suffer from — and how medical marijuana can be used to treat that condition, even though currently its use is illegal under state law. That's what we're trying to change."

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