Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Which Way, L.A.?" Interviews Councilmen Huizar and Koretz

"Which Way, L.A.?" a Los Angeles public affairs show broadcast by public radio station KCRW featured the two Councilmembers in the center of a possible medical marijuana dispensary ban.

Jose Huizar, the councilman whose proposal to shutter dispensaries in favor of three-person collectives, is interviewed as well as Paul Koretz, the councilman who floated an alternative proposal to keep 100 dispensaries open. Ultimately, Huizar's proposal won out against Koretz's plan.

Huizar, and by extension the L.A. City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee that unanimously approved his proposal, came off as bureaucrats attempting to cover their asses rather than fulfilling the will of the people that voted to allow medical marijuana to begin with.

Koretz's solution, while not perfect, attempts to preserve the intent of the law and at least tries to do something, rather than just roll over because taking a stand would be difficult.

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