Monday, July 23, 2012

I-502 Gets $1.25 Million Shot in the Arm

Washington's Initiative 502 just got a major boost — a contribution of $1.25 million, the Seattle Times reports.

Prior to the million dollar shot in the arm, supporters of the ballot measure to legalize the purchase and possession of up to an ounce of marijuana raised $1.7 million. I-502 campaign manager Alison Holcomb said $1 million of the new contributions will be used to buy TV ads in August.

The $1.25 million comes from the Drug Policy Alliance and, surprisingly, Progressive Insurance founder Peter Lewis. At least now we know why Flo is so amicable.

Though the measure was initially met with skepticism and support trailed in polls, is now at 55 percent for and 32 percent against, according to a Washington TV station.

Supporters credit voters with becoming educated about the regulations that the measure will put in place, such as prohibitions against sales to anyone under 21, as well as becoming more comfortable with the proposal.

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