Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Medical Marijuana Spurs Reconsideration of Apartment and Condo Smoking Ban in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is referred to as the People's Republic of Santa Monica, sometime jokingly and sometimes seriously, among Angelinos.

In this case it's because of a ban which would have designated the apartments of new tenants as non-smoking, and would have only designated the units as smoking if the tenant informed their landlord. Enforcement of the ban would have been left to neighbors, with fines starting at $100, then $200, then $300.

An existing law prohibiting smoking on private balconies, porches and decks within a 25-foot radius of doors, windows and vents was in effect before the current proposal. While it wouldn't be the first city in southern California to attempt to ban smoking in residences (Calabasas, a little further north on the 101, has a similar ban), its progressive politics hurdled head on into its, well, progressive politics.

Concern that medical marijuana users would have to report their use to their landlords prompted one member of the the Santa Monica City Council reconsider their vote, the L.A. Times reports.

While the measure initially passed 2-4 on its first reading, the ban ultimately failed with a vote of 4-2. The council instructed the city staff to rework the ban, but did not give a date when it could take up the issue again.

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