Monday, September 24, 2012

Dispensaries Selling to Patients OK in Washington, Seattle Politicians Say, Feds Have it Wrong

The recent federal crackdown on Seattle's dispensaries has, predictably, caused the city's pro-cannabis forces to demand the DEA and US Attorney's office to leave the storefronts alone. But another, unexpected voice has been drawn into the debate — lawmakers.

Despite the justification that the only dispensaries that are near schools will be affected, State Representative Roger Goodman of Kirkland told National Public Radio Affiliate KPLU that the federal government is overreaching.

“Our message to the federal government is, get off our backs. We’re doing it right. The federal policy for the last 40 years has been the most corrosive, disastrous bipartisan failure in social policy and health policy. And the states are getting it right," he said.

Goodman isn't a lone voice in his dissent against the status quo of drug policy and dogma. Seattle city council member Nick Licata went on record saying that even if the dispensaries are selling medical marijuana near schools, it's not a violation of state law. Illegal sales of marijuana near schools are prohibited, but sales to patients at dispensaries are approved.

The US Attorney's office did not comment to KPLU, only saying that marijuana sales were illegal under federal law.

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