Monday, September 24, 2012

Los Angeles DA Hopefuls Want to Continue Dispensary Shutdown

If you didn't need any more confirmation of the anti-medical marijuana climate in the nation's second largest city, the most recent debate between the two candidates duking it out for the position of Los Angeles District Attorney, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson, should confirm any lingering doubts.

Despite being a non-partisan race, the Democratic party endorsed Lacey; the Republicans are backing Jackson. They different on their opinion of a proposition that only a serious or violent crime would trigger a mandatory 25 sentence for someone with a "third strike" (Lacey supports it and Jackson opposes it). Lacey supports driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, while Jackson is against it (on the grounds it will encourage Mexican drug cartel activity).

However the one issue they agreed on? Continuing the prosecution of medical marijuana dispensaries, according to radio station KPCC.

Lacey: "It's my position that over-the-counter sales for money of marijuana are illegal."

Jackson: "Those folks are simple drug dealers."

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