Monday, September 10, 2012

Los Angeles Medical Pot Dispensary Ban Suspended as Petition Draws 50,000 Signatures

Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles received a temporary reprieve from the city council's order to close — which may be permanent — with the submission of 50,000 signatures on a petition to put the issue on an upcoming ballot (petitions require a minimum of 27,425 registered voters to place an issue on a ballot).

Though the ordinance to close all the dispensaries in Los Angeles was to take effect on Sept. 6, the city attorney notified the public that it would not enforce the law until a statistical sampling of the signatures were verified, reported.

Despite the public outcry, Councilman Jose Huizar (the architect of the current dispensary ban) maintained that the storefronts were illegal, regardless of the sentiment of voters — the same voters who approved the medical marijuana ordinance in 1996.

However, the ban comes as differing court decisions have thrown the legal landscape of storefront dispensaries into chaos. Huizar may want to put the genie back in the bottle, but there's no way the pot genie is going back in anytime soon.

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Phazer said...

We should be protecting and implementing the will of voters, not undermining our democracy by prosecuting small business owners who pay taxes and comply with the laws of their states in providing medicine to patients in need. medical cannabis dispensaries must be supported.