Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seattle Proposes New Zoning Laws for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Seattle is hoping to avoid the legal quagmire plaguing Los Angeles' medical marijuana industry with a new set of zoning regulations.

The West Seattle Herald reports that a governmental task force made up of members of the city's mayor's office, councilmembers and the city attorney are establishing where medical cannabis can be grown, processed and dispensed.

Unlike Los Angeles, which enacted a city-wide ban on medical marijuana dispensaries that is currently in contention, Seattle hopes to provide access to patients who need the drug.

"I support safe and responsibly run access points for medical cannabis in Seattle; it's important that these access points be subject to zoning laws and other city regulations just like any other business or land use," City Attorney Pete Holmes stated in a press release.

The proposal would prohibit dispensaries in single family and multifamily residential zones, neighborhood commercial 1 zones as well as the Pioneer Square Mixed, International District Mixed and Residential, Pike Place Mixed and Harborfront communities. Dispensaries would be limited to 45 cannabis plants, 72 ounces of useable cannabis, and marijuana products that could reasonably be produced with 72 ounces of useable cannabis.

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