Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reason.TV Examines the Unraveling of L.A.'s Latest Attempt to Ban Medical Pot, and its Backlash

Libertarian-leaning Reason.TV posted an online video story about the ban on medical marijuana in Los Angeles and the subsequent public outcry and petition to restore access to patients.

More than 50,000 residents of the city signed a petition to end the ban, effectively ending it before it had a chance to go into effect on Sept. 6.

Don Duncan, the California director of pro-access organization Americans for Safe Access chalks up the action as huge win for patients and those who support the rights of patients to have access to medical marijuana.

"We're letting the city council know that they can't just come in and trump the will of the people, and that when they do things that are very unpopular, the people can stand up and say stop," he told Reason.TV.

Duncan added that the petition may only the be the beginning, as L.A.'s City Attorney and law enforcement officials are determined to define medical cannabis as illegal.

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