Monday, November 26, 2012

Late Actor Larry Hagman Wanted People to "Eat a Little of Larry" in Marijuana Cake

The general public may remember Larry Hagman as the backstabbing oil mogul JR Ewing or Air Force Major Anthony Nelson and Jeannie's "master" in "I Dream of Jeannie." But with his recent passing, a pro-marijuana side of the actor came to light.

Hagman, who embraced solar power and became an outspoken anti-tobacco campaigner after years of cigarette smoking in his later years, embraced pot as a medicine after being diagnosed for cancer. He told Germany's Bunte magazine, "The cancer and the chemotherapy really took it out of me. I lost 30 pounds, weighed only 171 pounds. Marijuana actually brought my appetite back."

The actor also told The New York Times he wanted his remains to be "spread over a field and have marijuana and wheat planted and harvest it in a couple of years and then have a big marijuana cake, enough for 200 to 300 people. People would eat a little of Larry."

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Jason Duncan said...

Sign me up to eat Larry hagman