Friday, November 30, 2012

Los Angeles Still Can't Make Up Its Mind About Disepnsaries

The Los Angeles City Planning Commission approved a plan to allow the city's dispensaries to remain open, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

However, not all of the city's dispensaries would qualify. Those that have been in business since September 2007, that have registered with the city, are up to date on their taxes and agree to regulations regarding zoning and their hours would be able to continue to service their patients. Less than 182 dispensaries in Los Angeles meet those criteria.

The plan was passed by a 5-0 vote by the committee. Dispensaries have been operating in a legal gray zone since October, when the LA City Council scrapped plans to ban all dispensaries.

However, the new proposal does not give the storefronts immunity from state and federal law enforcement agencies. The dispensaries would only give immunity from local law enforcement.

The entire proposed law may be moot, however, as medical access supporters are circulating a petition for two initiatives that would OK much more lenient rules than those passed by the commission.

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