Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Through the Looking Glass: How Prohibitionists See Advances in Pot for Medical Access and Legalization

With the advances made in the last year with brining marijuana to the mainstream, it's easy to forget there's a vocal percentage who will never see any benefit to using pot for medicine or recreation.

Charles "Cully" Stimson takes exception to the burgeoning cannabis culture in the US, and penned an opinion column in Milwaukee-Wisconsin Sentinel Journal, "How pot advocates are manipulating the truth". He's a former prosecutor (of course) and defense attorney (though probably not for those damned grasshoppers!) and a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

It should be noted that The Heritage Foundation is a Republican think tank that claims Rush Limbaugh as their own (marijuana isn't the same as prescription pain killers, I suppose) as well as Ed Meese, Ronald Reagan's attorney general who had his own prohibitionist war on porn.

The usual alarmist rhetoric is trotted out like a dead horse, waiting to be kicked.

Taxes? You're living in a fool's dream that it'll raise taxes because prices will plunge! Never mind about the usual conservative dogma about all taxes being bad.

It'll just make gang wars worse in states that don't legalize pot! Never mind that the real problem is that the federal government won't accept that its laws on pot need reforming.

Marijuana is bad for your health! Never mind…oh, just never mind.

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