Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Legalization in Colorado, Oregon Causing Latin American Countries to Re-Think Their Drug Policies

Policymakers and politicians in Central and South America are openly revolting against decades of American-sponsored anti-drug laws that places their police, soldiers and civilians in harm's way when legalization is taking firm root in the United States.

Mexican congressman Fernando Belaunzar├ín told, "Everyone is asking, What sense does it make to keep up such an intense confrontation, which has cost Mexico so much, by trying to keep this substance from going to a country where it’s already regulated and permitted?”

Pot legalization is being seriously considered in countries south of the United States as a way to deny drug cartels revenue from cannabis and to end the violence that's caused by enforcement, particularly in Mexico.

Belaunzar├ín added, "It’s time the world discuss a new paradigm to confront drugs. In Latin America it’s already happening. And the U.S. is applying it de facto because states are already regulating marijuana."

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