Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Think there's too many pot shops in Los Angeles? Consider the Alternative — One Dispensary for an Entire State

Though many might bemoan the number of dispensaries in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, an article by The Daily Beast highlights what life is like on the other side of the spectrum.

New Jersey has one medical marijuana dispensary to serve over 1,000 patients for the entire state. But that's not to say Greenleaf Compassion Center takes care of all the patients in the state — there's many others that are suffering that the dispensary can't accept because it doesn't have the inventory.

Marta Portuguez, who suffers from 11 ailments, including fibromyalgia and gastroparesis, told the website, "I keep waiting for them to call. I have my card. I’m ready to go. I passed...This is my body. I should be able to obtain any medicine that I deem OK for me. This is not the government’s right to decide!"

Many have claimed that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has intentionally skewed the medical marijuana regulations to intentionally ensure that it's nearly impossible for any new dispensaries to open. Christie has also appointed an ex-law enforcement officer known to be hostile to the idea of dispensaries to oversee the program.

Dr. Jeffrey Pollack, one of 199 doctors in New Jersey who can recommend cannabis to patients, added, "They’ve done everything to make the system fail in the long run."

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