Monday, February 18, 2013

Washington Likely to Seek a Firm for Pot Consultant Job — Feel Free to Scratch Your Head Now

Over 100 people applied for the pot consultant positions offered by state of Washington. These experts will establish regulations regarding growing, processing and selling marijuana in a legal marketplace, with knowledge of the current underground prices for pot.

But despite being overwhelmed by former medical marijuana and black market cannabis dealers gone straight who would know about the realities of pot, there's a very good chance that none of them may meet the state's requirements for a consultant.

If you have an MBA and have a consulting firm, like Deloitte and Touche, Ernst and Young and KPMG, you probably will qualify for this job...because if there's one thing huge business consultant firms can do, it's offering advice about legalized pot. And firing people.

Valerie Bauman, a staff writer with the Puget Sound Business Journal who's been following Washington's search for consultants, wrote (emphasis ours), "During my coverage of I-502, I’ve received a number of emails from readers who wanted to apply for the job of marijuana consultant. Unfortunately, no such job for an individual exists. The state is looking for a team or a firm – or a combination of companies – to submit a proposal for the consultant work."

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