Friday, June 14, 2013

Seminars Teach Budding Pot Entrepreneurs how to Start Marijuana Business

The Washington Cannabis Institute with the help of attorneys, business professionals, and other industry experts are providing seminars to help budding entrepreneurs start their own marijuana business in the state of Washington. After Initiative 502 passed in 2012, Washington became one of just two states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. This means the need for marijuana growers, retail stores, and transportation businesses.

These weekend seminars will discuss everything from the cultivation of marijuana to current state pot laws regulating the sales of marijuana and the seminar's curriculum is designed specifically to help students and entrepreneurs understand the regulations and licensing requirements of running a legal pot business. Some of these classes will be given by attorneys in the Washington area who are familiar with these new pot laws and other classes will be run by successful marijuana growers and sellers who can offer valuable tips and real world advice about running a pot business.

These seminars are particularly useful now that Washington officials have finally set a few rules that must be followed by all marijuana industry professionals. These rules include tracking pot sales from "seed to store" and putting a limit on how many pot stores will be allowed to operate in one county. Washington also plans to use the criminal history point system to determine eligibility for procuring a license to legally grow and sell marijuana. 

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