Monday, June 17, 2013

US Attorney General Ready to Respond to Marijuana Legalization

United States Attorney General Eric Holder told the Senate that the Obama Administration is in the process of formulating a policy in response to states that have already legalized marijuana. These newly enacted laws in both Colorado and Washington have put the state laws in direct violation of the federal laws. Currently the federal law says it is still a crime to possess and sell marijuana.

"We are considering what the federal response to those new statutes will be and we will have the ability to announce what our policy will be relatively soon."
                   ---Eric Holder, United States Attorney General

There are many who believe that the US government should take steps to nullify Colorado and Washington's amended laws. These people include eight former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration and four former drug czars. In their letter to the Attorney General, they stated that "our nation urgently needs action from Attorney General Holder to ensure that federal marijuana laws are enforced".

US House member Steve Cohen, however, responded that "the federal government should concentrate on shutting down meth labs, not the laboratories of Democracy". Even Obama himself has said that the enforcement of federal marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado would not be a priority. For now, Washington and Colorado pot enthusiasts wait patiently for the federal government's final decision.

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