Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Delivering a High: Marijuana Home Delivery Business Growing in Seattle

When Washington legalized marijuana last year, entrepreneurs across the state began salivating over the many business opportunities they could create. The latest seems to be a pot delivery business that would effectively deliver marijuana to your home.

Currently, there are several businesses that deliver medical marijuana to patients at their homes. One such business is known as Nurse Nancy Medical Marijuana Delivery and it offers pot right to your door, seven days a week between 10am and 2 am. The business itself promises discreet delivery in 30 minutes and is thriving.

With recreational marijuana ready to begin sales in 2014, many businesses are wondering if they too can begin home delivery. Unfortunately, there may be a few obstacles in their way because the drug is still deemed an illegal narcotic on a federal level. The Justice Department may not go after sick people who use medical marijuana, but they have made no decisions on what they will do to businesses—even licensed ones.

When legalized pot sales begin in 2014, delivery businesses will likely seek to expand to include home delivery of recreational marijuana. How the federal government will feel about this is still anyone's guess. If they choose to go after businesses for selling and transporting marijuana, licensed businesses (like Nurse Nancy's) could even find that they are facing criminal charges. 

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