Tuesday, February 28, 2012

California Assemblyman Ammiano Proposes State Bill to Regulate Medical Pot

California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (a Democrat representing San Francisco) introduced a law that would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries statewide.

 The bill, A.B. 2312, would allow "collectives, cooperatives, and other business entities to cultivate, acquire, process, possess, transport, test, sell, and distribute marijuana for medical purposes." The bill would also punish doctors who write bad patient recommendations with a misdemeanor offense, set up a government body to oversee the enforcement of the law and limit one collective per city of 50,000, The Huffington Post reports.

 Unfortunately, the bill stands little chance of passing. Gov. Jerry Brown has not signed any pro-pot legalization into law and it's generally accepted that he won't.

 Ammiano is a long time advocate of medical marijuana and access for patients. He's called for U.S. Attorneys to end their campaign to close dispensaries and met with them to personally question the closures.

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