Thursday, March 1, 2012

Federal Judge to Medical Marijuana Collectives: Screw You and the Promise Obama Rode in On

A federal judge in Sacramento threw out a lawsuit contesting the recent medical marijuana crackdown by U.S. Attorneys the SFGate reports.

 Advocates claim that President Obama's promise to leave dispensaries and growers alone in a Justice Department memo if they complied with the medical pot laws of their respective states was broken.

However, Judge Garland Burrell said the memo "does not contain a promise not to enforce." He also called the it a "statement of priorities," that federal laws regarding drug production and distribution were still valid and that appeals courts and the Supreme Court do not recognize a constitutional right to marijuana for the terminally ill.

 Though other judges ruled in a similar manner, they have not dismissed the lawsuits in their courts. Another lawsuit filed by Americans for Safe Access argues that the federal government is violating the state of California's constitutional authority to mandate its own health policies.

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