Friday, March 2, 2012

Pullman OKs Regulations for Medical Marijuana Cultivation — But Requires DEA OK for Growers

On first glance, Pullman, Wash.'s medical marijuana regulations seem reasonable. The location of where medical marijuana is being grown needs to be be registered with the city, in addition to anyone using the plants.

However, further down the ordinance it's revealed that the registration is contingent on a written letter from the DEA stating that the operation is in compliance with federal law.
The DEA, of course, has no plans to authorize medical marijuana growers in Pullman, or anywhere for that matter.

Why the impossible requirement? A classic case of bureaucratic CYA. Federal officials have threatened to prosecute anyone — including state officials — who sanction medical marijuana.

"Once the federal government and state governments resolve their conflict, now the city has a system in place for licensing and registration," City Attorney Laura McAloon told the Standard-Examiner. "And it still protects the city from any federal issues."

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