Saturday, June 30, 2012

California Supreme Court Declines to Hear Medical Pot Case, Sends Mixed Message

The Los Angeles District Attorney, City Attorney and Police Department are high-fiving each other over the decision of the California Supreme Court not to hear a case involving its prosecution of Organica, a dispensary.

Organica maintained that its operations were legal under the state law that allowed collectives. The city argued that selling pot — even to patients, in the case of Organica — still violated laws against distribution and prevailed.

Los Angeles has since moved to outlaw dispensaries wholesale. Never mind that other pharmaceuticals are sold for a profit, that collectives have been known to discount and sometimes give away cannabis to patients in financial distress, and the author of the state medical marijuana law allowed for sales.

However, Kris Hermes, Americans for Safe Access spokesman, told the L.A. Weekly the issue still isn't settled. Other decisions before the Supreme Court could affirm that Organica was in the right.

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